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How to get help from a professional

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How to get help from a professional Empty How to get help from a professional

Post by Pirate-Bay on Wed May 21, 2014 5:35 am

So you want to have a new equipment crafted, but do not have the necessary profession? No worries! Aeon members include many level 100 professionals, some of whom have kindly listed their names here. But for those who are new to this, please note these common expectations from professionals:

✔ When you ask for a professional, you should be prepared to show up at the workshop. This is not a good time to register for Kolossium.

✔ You should have all the ingredients ("mats") in your inventory. Nowadays you can right click an item, select "Associated recipes", and the recipe displayed will highlight any missing ingredients, so there is no excuse.
How to get help from a professional AjO7uY2

✔ In the crafting user interface, check "Only display recipes I can craft" so you can find your recipe faster, saving time for both the professional and yourself.
How to get help from a professional PEqfpxk

✔ Most professionals will not craft for free just because you are in the same alliance. Please be prepared to pay.

✔ Even when the professional does not require payment, everyone appreciates tips.

Feel free to reply with what might be missing in this list of recommendations.

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How to get help from a professional Empty Re: How to get help from a professional

Post by Duos-Bandaid on Wed May 21, 2014 2:13 pm

Another useful crafting tip, just to save time for both parties involved in crafting.

On the Recipes section on the left of the crafting interface, at the bottom there's a small box that you can check to display only the recipes you can craft using the resources you have on you at the moment. Checking that should greatly reduce the number of recipes shown and make it easier to find the recipe of the item you wish to craft. Similarly if it's easier for you, you can also use the search function on top of the recipes interface to do the same thing. Afterwards simply double click the recipe and it should insert the appropriate mats into the interface. Adjust the quantity and ta-dah. You can save a lot more time than inserting those ingredients in manually. Most people already know this tip by now but it doesn't hurt to include it for those that might not realize it's there.

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