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Cawwot dofus quest line

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Cawwot dofus quest line

Post by sterredag on Mon Mar 21, 2016 2:04 pm

Cawwot Dofus Questline guide
(all links are wiki links)

This is a short list in correct order to get the dofus

*Discreet arrival
*Remarkyble advice

*Class quest at class statue

*Astrubian rumours
*Dofus and the pandawa
*Nowa's ark
*In search of the missing enus
*Medical visit

*Pandala an island like no other

*Pandala: its goddess

*Pandala: Its Inn or mysteries in Pandala (if you are a panda)

*Pandala: Its Villages
*Pandala: Its Fresh Air
*Lenald Legend

Wabbit Island

*Finding Wabbitland
*Save the species
*Make love not war
*Smells like cawwots
*Houston we have a pwoblem
*The gastronomic art 
*A culinary expeditionr
*Journey to the centre of the wabbit
*Pwince not so charming

*It never wains but it pouws
*The Wa Castle

*Egg or Cawwot

Congratulations!!! You have now the Cawwot Dofus.

Items needed:

2 Tofu Egg

1 Blue Scaraleaf Wings
1 White Scaraleaf Wings
1 Green Scaraleaf Wings
1 Red Scaraleaf Wings

1 Wa Wabbit Crown can be loaned
1 Wa Wabbit Staff can be loaned
1 Wa Wabbit Cloak can be loaned

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