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Ice dofus questline

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Ice dofus questline Empty Ice dofus questline

Post by sterredag on Mon Mar 21, 2016 1:37 pm

The Ice dofus is a reward for completing the No more mystery ice guy achievement.

To get this, you will need to gain multiple other achievements as listed below. To finish you need to be lvl 180.
If anything is wrong or missing, please notify me (you can reply this message)


The icefields
A frosty mayor
Full contact

Stop right there
be awair of the required lvl!

Antiroyalist - Mastogob dung
The crown jewels - Ping dung (lvl 120)
The pirate of men's pants - Buck dung (lvl 130)
Lavomatic - Obsi dung (lvl 140)
It's cold but it doesnt matter - Snowfoux dung(lvl 160)
Epic beard man - Korri dung(lvl 160)
Up there on the mountain - Kolosso dung(lvl 160)
The frozen peak - Bearb dung (lvl 160)

Town Hall Crawl
containg the following quests

Welcome to Frigost
The frozen lake
The survivors of frigost
Frigost: an island like no other

sustainable growth (lvl 110)
Now you should choose which line you are going to follow, in the end it doesn't really matter what you choose
The things you need to do al kinda the same.

    Sowing so inA bird in the handHakapik massacreCum grano salisBad seedDrilling fieldsSick seedThe seeds of discordThe field of heroesCastlefield


    One hundred and twenty three flowers, exactly like the othersBotanic nick nickHighly strungMy lily flowersTyler rose, tyler roseBlushing bloomsHappy is he who likes your liliesThe name of the fungusFangs for the addFrigost in bloom

Dungeons and dragrunts (this requires to run the dungs, however wiki states you dont need to do them again if you have already done them.
A mine of information - Sakai dung

Too cold for zero
containing the following quests

Fate (if you are Brakmarian) or
Destiny (if you are Bontarian) or
Rivalry (if you are Neutral)

Snow Business
Hot & Cold
All is not frost

Winter is coming

Snowbound village survivors
containing the following quest, beware that snowbound village must be cleared for some steps, it would be wonderfull to do as much as possible while snowbound is cleared.

Supply depot
containing the quest: Hot P.A.N.T.S. (lvl 180)
A friend who doesn't have your best interests at heart
Maya the bee-autiful

The last survivors
containg the folowwing quests

Recalled to life
Spontaneous combustion engine
Daddy's wittle girl
Armarines on strike
Saving Gus in private
Outbreak of Ex-Emma

Castle in the snow (lvl 180)
containing the folowwing quests

All along the watchtower
A cold war
(now also start: Mind over masters, because it contains the same dungs and I dont know if it works the same as with the dungeons and dragrunts quests)
Sylarg's plans - Sylarg dung
You want smooth skin - Klime dung
The last map - Missiz Freezz dung

If only I could turn off time

Guilty on all counts - Count harbourg dung

Freshly Laid
containing the following quest:

The Ice Dofus
what in the end just means you need to have done all of the above quests.

Congratulations! You have now obtained the Ice Dofus!!

items needed:

One hundred and twenty three flowers like others (if you chose this route)
2 snowdrop

Sowing so in (if you chose this route)
2 Frosteez seed]http://dofuswiki.wikia.com/wiki/Frosteez_Seed]Frosteez seed

lvl 180 to finish all, but of course you can start sooner with the quests according to your lvl

A friend who doesnt have your best interest at heart
5 Aspen wood

5 Yokai snowfoux wool
5 Yomi snowfoux malleolus
1 Yomi snowfoux tail
5 Maho snowfoux wool
1 Maho snowfoux leather
1 Dramanita gill
1 Fungore peduncle

Saving Gus in private
1 Magmatic diving bell

Snow Business
1 Potsan Pants

Hot 'n Cold
3 Snowfoux tear
3 Karkanik blood
3 Serpulax volva
3 Dodox feather
3 Asteraw leather


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