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Prisms and Nuggets

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Prisms and Nuggets Empty Prisms and Nuggets

Post by RAJ-rios on Thu Oct 31, 2013 12:20 pm

I'll keep this brief.  In this article I'll explain how prisms and nuggets work, and why helping Aeon in KOTH is beneficial to you.
If there are any errors in this please PM me in game and I will edit it.

Prisms are an item that can be placed on a conquered territory.  Most can be upgraded with teleportation modules, which allow you to transport yourself to their locations like a zaap.
After a prism has been out for a while, it becomes attackable.  When a prism is defeated, it enters a state of vulnerability.  Each prism has a vulnerability set time.  When that time comes, KOTH begins.

KOTH is won by having the most alliance members on the most maps, with AvA turned on.  Even low levels can help us win, by standing on one of the maps in the same subarea as the weakened prism.  It is possible to attack, and be attacked, by members of other alliances during this time.  There are even special classes you can learn to be more useful, such as healer which resurrects fallen alliance mates or undertaker which permanently ejects enemies from the event.    You may learn these traits at the Alliance Temple.

When a KOTH is won, the winning team will now have access to the nuggets that the prism had collected before the event began.  These nuggets will be evenly distributed to the mobs in that prism's subarea.  Nuggets may be exchanged at the Alliance Temple in Sufokia for prizes, such as the new AP petsmount.  Nuggets will not drop for members of the losing alliance.

We can make our own prisms vulnerable to begin a KOTH, and the enemies may do the same.  The nuggets dropped to enemies who claim a prism will receive 1/2 the total value in mobs, and those that successfully win a KOTH defense whether sabotaged or defeated will receive 100%.

The more territories an alliance owns, the more members required to win KOTH.  This is why we are sabotaging areas we do not need, in order to gain a bonus to win more strategic prism areas.

If the KOTH has already begun and you're trying to join us a little late, you will notice that you can't teleport, zaap or spouse-join.  There is no teleportation allowed in an AvA subarea when you have AvA activated.  You must either use a nearby teleportation method and run, or disbale AvA > use the zaap > run to a nearby map outside of the KOTH subarea > reactivate AvA > run back onto the AvA subarea. 

Lastly, if you're zealous about helping us win and getting those nuggets, you may only join KOTH on one character at a time but if you die you can immediately run in with an alt to help us tip the scales.

Good luck and happy hunting.


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Prisms and Nuggets Empty Re: Prisms and Nuggets

Post by Duos-Bandaid on Sat Nov 02, 2013 7:14 pm

Thanks for posting this info, I haven't been able to play recently but its always good to know xD



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Prisms and Nuggets Empty Re: Prisms and Nuggets

Post by RAJ-rios on Wed Nov 06, 2013 7:48 pm

Always happy to help Smile


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Prisms and Nuggets Empty Re: Prisms and Nuggets

Post by Pirate-Bay on Thu Dec 12, 2013 5:15 am

As many of you already know, each alliance in KOTH has a handicap based on the number of territories the alliance already controls. Remember that an alliance that controls more maps than other alliances for a total of 30 minutes wins the KOTH. If an alliance has 60% of all territories, they have a 60% penalty on their KOTH score, so if they have more members than other alliances on 10 maps, it only counts as 4 maps.

Every territory adds the same to the handicap, but some territories are much more useful than others, so it can be a bad thing to have the less useful territories. I don't want to set rigid rules on this, but usually, a territory is useful if it provides teleportation to an important location that's hard to walk to, or provides XP/drop bonus in an area where many people level up or hunt, or provides a high number of nuggets.

Even low level areas could end up accumulating a good number of nuggets after a while, so if someone wants to spend their own time to take over them and farm the nuggets, I am not against it. The only territories that I think are pretty much worthless to anyone are areas within Bonta/Brakmar cities like "Butcher's Quarter", "Alchemist's Quarter", etc. However, keep in mind that winning the more important territories will be much better for the alliance in the long term.

Aretamya, a SiC of RAGE guild, has kindly offered to help us get rid of some less useful territories with her alt guild RAGE - Academy, which is part of the A Legion Of Stars / [ALOS] alliance. Please do not attack this alliance as they are helping us.

Finally, on a brighter note, we have taken control of a few useful areas after the recent update. You can fight new wabbits in Abandoned Halls, dopples in Dopple Mine, and level 19x new monsters in the Lost Dimension. All these territories support teleportation, and you can simply use any zaap, and click the "Prisms" tab, and select the territories to visit them.

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Prisms and Nuggets Empty Re: Prisms and Nuggets

Post by Sponsored content

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