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Post by humongous on Fri Mar 27, 2015 10:06 pm

to Skope : where is my money
from Skope: its not my problem you owed them for my friend
from Skope: pm him not me
from Skope: you fcking did a lot problems for me already
to Skope : me? it was your friend who scammed
from Skope: so its my foult you gave kamas for my friend ?
to Skope : and if he plays with your acc who do you want me to ask?
from Skope: pm him not me , like I said I got alot problems now cuz you
from Skope: idc ,hes gone
from Skope: I think hes Maffak
from Cya: una pregunta
to Cya : die
from Cya: sabes si pablo puede llegar a petrified forest?
from Skope: go away I dont want to talk with you, I cant join any alli now cuz you
from Cya: o por lo menos su eni
to Cya : si el puede hasta kolosso
from Cya: ok que bien
to Skope : not my fault shouldn t let your friend scam ppl with your acc
from Skope: not my foult you were so dumb and gave kamas for him
from Skope: Ill ignore you, cant you fking understand I hate you ?
from Skope: everyone calls me scamer cuz you ,
to Skope : hate your friend
from Skope: I hate you more.
to Skope : told you i d do this
from Cya: ah coño esta en la ultima sala
from Cya: de CB
from Skope: i wont give kamas because im not the one who took them and you did bad things for me
to Skope : you should keep your friends closer then your enemies then this doesn t happen
from Skope: your my enemie number one now Wink
to Skope : srsly dude chose your friends careful
from Skope: I got scamed by him and ur still pming me to give kamas I dont have
to Skope : he did this
from Skope: and now I have bad reputation just fck off.
to Skope : i can also make it go away
from Skope: I got 129 kk Smile got no trophies, worst set ever
to Skope : you want me to do that?
from Skope: and got scammed by him ,pls stop doing that for me
to Skope : ok i ll post this conversation in the forum and hope for the best can you just tell me by which accounts "your friend" goes?
from Skope: he used to play maffak and ponas lietuvaitis
to Skope : many too?
from Skope: many is on this acc
from Skope: he changed my sac name and colours and gender
Hel Munster's Cape: I remember seeing a dragon a few months ago. I bit him on the tail and ran off before he knew what was going on.
to Skope : ok


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Re: Skope

Post by Pirate-Bay on Fri Mar 27, 2015 11:35 pm

I'll tell the story as I understand, based on what Xlr-eight told me and my talk with Skope.

The short story:

Xlr-eight from Blitzkrieg gave his guildie Star-Fox kamas to help him subscribe. Then Star-Fox left guild and apparently disappeared. He then joined Blitzkrieg with a different character Skope. Xlr-eight learned that this was the same account, and asked for the kamas. Skope now claims that it was "his friend" who logged his account borrowed kamas from Xlr-eight, and he doesn't owe Xlr-eight anything.

I personally believe Skope didn't intend to return the kamas from the beginning, or at least isn't trustworthy if he would let someone else use his account but not take responsibility for that person's actions. I suggested that Xlr-eight could post what happened on the forum, at least to help others avoid falling victim.

The long story:

Xlr-eight told me about two weeks ago that he lent a guildie "Star-Fox" kamas to help them subscribe, and the person then disappeared from his guild. He asked me to help find them. I opened Blitzkrieg's guild page, and clicked the nickname in the line "22 days ago: Star-Fox has left the guild", and that pointed to a new name Many, so apparently Star-Fox had changed their nickname. Then I found that several characters were on that account, one of which was Skope, and Skope actually joined Blitzkrieg recently.

I told Xlr-eight about this, and in fact Skope was leeching in Xlr-eight's group at that time. (Xlr-eight was leveling from 199 to 200 and often brought leechers from his guild.) Xlr-eight talked with Skope and seemed to be convinced that Skope would return the kamas later, but he didn't record the conversation and I didn't witness it.

A few days later, Skope left Blitzkrieg again and had ignored Xlr-eight. I talked with Skope, which didn't lead to much, but the inconsistency in what he said leads me to believe that the "friend" thing is a lie.

The characters currently on this account are:
[23:41] hahahahahahahhahhaa (Skope) is not online.
[23:41] hahahahahahahhahhaa (Tnt-Hacker) is not online.
[23:42] hahahahahahahhahhaa (Night-Hero) is not online.
[23:42] hahahahahahahhahhaa (Many) is not online.
[23:42] hahahahahahahhahhaa (Enu-Power) is not online. Guild Boondock Saints, alliance [Guard]

I don't have direct evidence that Skope was dishonest, only that he is irresponsible. But I think he may have asked to borrow kamas from other people since I saw his characters change guilds a few times. In any case, I recommend only lending kamas and items if you are willing to part with them.

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Re: Skope

Post by Volandas on Tue Apr 07, 2015 6:52 am

Hi everyone,

I did not expect to see someone I know here, but well...

So that Many, together with his brother were in our guild as well, trying to sell items and chars all the time and doing all not very clear trades.
They also have chars Andersons and Andersonss (if not sold yet). I saw them speaking in alliance chat few times lately. Do not lend them anything, do not buy from them. One of my guild members was scammed by them. Be aware.


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Re: Skope

Post by Easty on Tue Apr 07, 2015 9:29 pm

Andersonss was recently in my guild, thankfully he left. Were asking me to borrow my eni set for his eni for a day, thanks god im not that stupid and didnt gave him!


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Re: Skope

Post by Sponsored content

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