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Strish (Zombie Legion)

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Strish (Zombie Legion)

Post by Tolonen on Wed Apr 23, 2014 6:41 am

I PMed him when he repeated his trading message in /a.

[06:07] (Alliance) Strish: anyone want to buy [Barrier] [Temporal Shard] [Frozen Fabric]

[06:07] to Strish : please stop spamming the items in the alliance chat, you are breaking the rules and people are not intrerested anyways, noone responded
[06:08] from Strish: lol pretty sure i can ask people if they want to buy it, asking twice isnt spamming
[06:09] to Strish : posting within a short period of time is spamming, and you are arguing with a chat moderator right now
[06:09] from Strish: lmao
[06:10] to Strish : please stop or you will be posted on the alliance forum and reported to the leader
[06:10] from Strish: loooooooooool
[06:10] BLT77 (Strish) is in unknown area. Guild Zombie Legion, alliance [Aeon]
[06:11] from Strish: some peope, as yourself, take games waaaaaaaay to seriously
[06:11] to Strish : some people like yourself do not respect the rules and other people
[06:12] from Strish: what rules!!! its a game!!!!! im asking people if they want to buy lmao
[06:14] to Strish : dude, you are a part of a comunity that has agreed to follow a certain set of rules concerning the chat and their alliance in general, i am not going to argue with you
[06:14] from Strish: cause youre getting in a huff over a game lmao "chat moderator"
[06:16] to Strish : i am not self proclaimed, just doing my job to keep the order here, and as i said, you are getting posted on the alliance forum and reported to the alliance leader
[06:17] from Strish: "chat moderators" are mean to make sure people arent swearing or tryintg to scam people not someone whos trying to sell, hahahahahhahaha oooooohhhh noooooooooo!!! OMG what ever will i do!

And after that he went on with his messages.

[06:19] (Alliance) Strish: anyone want to buy [Barrier] [Temporal Shard] [Frozen Fabric]

The conversation may not be 100% acurate as i was copy-pasting in a hurry while preparing to leaving for work and could miss some of the lines as the /a chat was busy then.


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Post by Sadistic-Vampire on Wed Apr 23, 2014 4:38 pm

Well, Ive spoken to pirate, And I am a SiC in Zombie Legion, And Strish has been Removed from the guild, i myself have spoken to him about the spamming items in /a before but there wont be any more problems, If you ever have any issue with anyone in our guild, Please contact me in game, my name is Jessica, and i log in under "Seri-Awashima" "Gadian-raito" "Chaos-Claw" "Sadistic-Vampire" "Chaosheart-rain" and "Agito-Shark" please feel free, ill handle it right away, im on 80% of the day #freelife

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Re: Strish (Zombie Legion)

Post by Nampies on Wed Apr 23, 2014 6:01 pm

Good job, this way sooner or later we will have a normal chat in our alliance. A chat that contributes, not one that gives headaches or make people turn chat off.

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Re: Strish (Zombie Legion)

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